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Today, we’re having a big birthday celebration.
Here is your Find It question:where is the cake?
今天的问题是Where is the cake?

1、celebration n.庆祝活动
2、wish n.愿望
3、candle n.蜡烛
4、celebrate v.庆祝
5、born adj.诞生的

Conversation A
Emma: Everyone! Thanks for coming to the Jungle Cafe’s September birthday celebration.
Can the September Babies please stand up?
Amy: Happy birthday to September Babies!
Emma: Let’s wish them a very happy birthday.
Jack: OK. Let’s sing a birthday song to them.
Pam: Yes. Where is the cake, Emma?
Emma: It’s in the kitchen. You guys can sing, I’ll get the cake.
Jack: OK. Ready, everyone?
本段对话中,我们就能找到Find It的答案,It’s in the kitchen.

Conversation B
Emma: September babies, make a wish!
Jason: I wish…
Tom: No. Jason. Don’t say your wish out loud.
Jason: Why not?
Tom: Then your wish won’t come true.
Pam: No, that’s not true. Jason, you can tell us your wish.
Emma: Blow out the candles first.
Pam: Jason, how old you now?
Jason: I’m 22 years old.
Tom: Heihei, you are 3 years younger than me. I just turned 25.
wish可以是名词,也可以是动词。一般在生日许愿的时候,是不允许大场说出来的,否则就不灵了not come true.
另外,put on the cake插在蛋糕上的蜡烛数,代表了寿星的年龄。

Conversation C
Amy: Jason, what is your birthday wish?
Jason: Actually, I got my wish. I have friends and they’re all celebrating with me.
Amy: Oh. That’s very sweet.
Jack: We’re happy to celebrate your birthdays.
Amy: Thanks for being born.
Tom: You’re welcome.
Jason: We should call our moms.
Tom: Why?
Jason: So we can thank them. They did all the work.
生日就是the day you came into the world.
梦想成真 come true
吹蜡烛 blow out

接下来是Song Time.Calendar Phrase今天的内容是Let’s have a party.我们办个派对吧。


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This week, we’re talking about birthdays and birthday party in English. Now yesterday we found out who is a September baby. Do you remember who? I hope you do. Well friends, our lesson today is called getting a present.
Well, here is your Find It question for today: who is Amy buying a present for?

今天的Information Desk,还是这些相关的词。
1、present  n.礼物
2、pick out  挑选出
3、guy    n.人;家伙
4、T-shirt   n.T恤(短袖圆领运动衫)
5、prepare   v.准备;使。。。准备好

Conversation A
Amy: Hi, Jason! Can you help me?
Jason: Sure.
Amy: I need a birthday present for a friend. Can you help me pick out something?
Jason: Is your friend a girl or a boy?
Amy: He is a guy. What do guys like?
Jason: Tell me more about your friend. When is his birthday?
Amy: It’s September 30th.
Jason: Really? How do you know this friend?
Amy: He works here at the mall.
Tom老师在此讲了present、pick out、guy等的简单用法。What present will you get for your friend on their birthday?
be friend with somebody.和某人做朋友

Conversation B
Jason: What does he look like? Is he tall?
Amy: Yes. What do you think about this T-shirt?
Jason: It’s nice.
Amy: Oh maybe I should get something else.
Jason: How about this artwork?
Amy: Maybe. Or what do you think about this hat?
Jason: I like that hat.
Amy: How about this cup.
Jason: I like everything. Thanks for buying a brithday present for me.
Andrea老师继续讲课中。A T-shirt is something you wear on top part of your body.
讲到了T-shirt,顺便记另一个词:sleeve  名词,袖子

Conversation C
Amy: A birthday present for you?
Jason: Oh, you aren’t buying a present for me.
Amy: Well, just kidding. I am buyina a present for you. Your birthday is tomorrow. Emma told me.
Jason: Thanks Amy.
Amy: You’re welcome. I also need to prepare some games for the party. Emma asked me to help.
Jason: Great. I’m really looking forward to this party.
Amy: Me too. Happy early birthday, Jason.
本段给出来本课Find It问题的答案,Amy is buying a present for Jason.
本段还提到了happy early birthday,如果别人的生日并非今天而又快马上来了,你可以提前跟他她这样说。如果别人的生日已经错过了,你仍要给他她祝福,可以说Happy belated birthday. 此处,belated是“误期的,迟到的”意思。

Christina老师在Information Desk讲了else的用法。一是放在something/anything这些不定代名词之后,另一种是放在who/what/when/where等疑问词之后。
artwork,名词,艺术品、美术品。常用a piece of artwork,一般都要有piece。

今天的Super Sentence讲了Can you help me 的用法。Calendar Phrase讲的是I’m looking for a birthday present.我正在找一样生日礼物。


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We’re learning how to talk about birthday and birthday party for the next few days together.The title of today’s lesson is “a September baby”.Now I wonder who is a September baby? Well, we’ll find out in our lesson today. I do have something for you to find it, here it’s your Find It question: What do all September babies get?一开场,Andrea老师就表明了接下来几天,我们将一起学习如何表达生日和生日聚会的相关事情。

接下来在Information Desk,Christina老师给大家预习一些本课的单词。Let’s take a look at some keywords.这是老师常说的一句话。
1、birthday n.生日
2、party n.宴会、聚会、派对
3、invitation n.邀请函 属于invite家族的词
4、gift n.礼物
5、free adj.免费的
还有个组合也比较常见,buy one get one free, 就是“买一送一”的意思。

Comversation A
Emma: Jason, when is your birthday?
Jason: My birthday is September 30th.
Emma: Great, I’m inviting you to a birthday party. It is at Jungle Cafe.
Jason: Is the party for me?
Emma: Well, the party is for all September babies.
Jason: Who?
Emma: Many people have birthdays in September. We call them “September babies”.
Jason: Then, I’m a September baby.
Emma: Great, here is the invitation.
Tom又来给大家讲析了,结果他说他自己也是个September baby。当Andrea问Tom你过了你的生日了吗,她说Tom, did you already have your September birthday?
birthday: is the day you were born.
Every year you have a birthday, and with every birthday,you get a year older.

Conversation B
Emma: To all Jungle Cafe friends:
Come to a fun birthday party for September babies. If your birthday in September, then come and bring your friends.
Who: September babies, their families and friends.
Where: Jungle Cafe.
Whem: September 30th, at 6:30 P.M.
Dinner is only $12.99 per person. All September babies get a birthday gift.Come for great food and fun.
站长听完这一段对话,有个新的发现,Emma在讲$12.99时,说的是twelve ninety nine,并没有讲dollars和point。
Andrea说We found the answer to today’s question on the invitation.本段也提供了今天问题的答案,All September babies get a birthday gift.
老师也提到了gift card,就是相当于你在店里消费用的钞票礼品卡。

Conversation C
Jason: So each person pays for his dinner?
Emma: Yes, but the birthday cake and gift are free.
Jason: Well, I like cake and gifts. OK, I can come.
Emma: Wonderful! Bring your friends too.
Jason: OK! I’m looking forward to the party.
Emma: Me too.
Jason: Thanks Emma.
Emma: You’re welcome. See you at the party.
这次讲解时,Tom把$12.99讲成了twelve dollars and ninety nine cents.

再次来到Information Desk,Christina老师强调了序数词的用法,除了first second third之外,其它数字都要在词尾加上th表示“第XX”,而且还专门强调了这个发音。
look forward to之后可以名词或动名词。

Word Power记录:This week, we’re learning about birthdays. When is your birthday? How will you celebrate it? Let’s talk about birthdays.
How will you celebrate your birthdays? Many people have a party to celebrate their birthday. Parties are fun. At birthday parties, you often see lots of balloons. The balloons can be different colors, red blue orange,,, so many colors.
A good cake can make a birthday party even better. What’s your favorite kind of cake? Mine is chocolate. How old will you be on your next birthday? I’ll be 28 years old. So I’ll have 28 candles on my cake.There is one candle for each year on my cake. My friends sing the birthday song to me. After they sing, I blow out all of my candles.
Wow, look at all the presents. Are these all for me? Opening presents is fun. Thank you for all the presents. Birthday parties are a lot of fun, and learning birthday words is fun too. Remember all these words, and you have word power.
还要记得的一个动词组合是blow out,是吹熄的意思。其它的present/balloon之类记住即可。

最后的Calendar Phrase提供的是Happy birthday.估计国人全都认识这个吧。See you!

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关于G20和Pittsburgh Summit

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最近G20和Pittsburgh Summit(匹兹堡峰会)非常热闹,占据了不少新闻媒体的版面。
什么是G20,什么是Pittsburgh Summit?站长结合今年4月份关于London Summit时记录的一些笔记,好好总结了一下。
G20,是Group 20的缩写形式abbreviation.G20是由原八国集团成员美国、日本、德国、法国、英国、意大利、加拿大、俄罗斯加上发展中国家的代表中国、阿根廷、巴西、印度、印度尼西亚、墨西哥、沙特阿拉伯、韩国、土耳其以及澳大利亚、南非外加一个实体组织欧盟共同组成,总共20个成员单位。说是人口和经济指标都占有绝对比重的一个组织。


1、the adoption of a 23-page leaders’ statement

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Well friends, here we are and it is saturday.We hope you are enjoying your saturday.
And today we have a special saturday review show for all of you.Now maybe you are watching the show with your family.Well this week we learned how to talk about familys and also how to describe people.That’s right.You learned how to describe people.Maybe you can say something like this person looks like this other person or you can tell someone what they look like.You can describe someone like that.And maybe you can also find some family photos.Show a friend photos and together you can describe the people in the photos.Well we did talk about many things together and it always fun to review,isn’t it?
Let’s go and review this week’s lessons now.

本周主要讲的Family is important,Jack’s family,and Family Photos,关于这方面的一些的谈话方式。其中,what somebody looks likes,describe a member of your family or of photos之类的内容,要能灵活运用。

Andrea: Now it is time to go to Tom’s favorite place, where is that?
Tom: My favorite place, oh, I know, the  movie theatre.
Andrea: That’s right.Let’s go to the movie theatre to review some of our XXX.(最后一个词实在听不出来,接下来是一段标有word power的小短片,真不知这里该是什么词)

接下来的word power,将一周的主要句式和单词作了一个串联式的回顾。
This week,we were describing people. There are many ways to do that. This is Linda. She has a long black hair. That’s one way to describe her. Some people have brown hair.Like Linda’s friend, Raf(这里是个人名,没听出来). Her hair is long and brown. Some people have blond hair.Blond hair is a very light color. You can also describe people by their skin.This person has fair skin.Fair skin is very white.Some people have dark skin, like I do.(这3个字听得不是那么清楚)In the summer,it’s easy to get dark skin.If I spend a lot of time in the sun, my skin will get darker.How else can you describe someone?This man is very tall, this woman has to look up to see his face.Tall people have long legs and arms too.If you aren’t tall, then you are short. Short is the opposite(反义词) of the tall.This man has to look down to see this woman’s face.How would you describe youself? Remember all these words the next time you describe someone and you have word power.

接下来是    Inspector English播的是老内容,就是本周讲的she is the one getting married这个句式,因为在getting married之前省略了who is,完整的句式应该是She is the one who is getting married.
Sing and Song也是老内容,讲一些grandmother/ grandfather / aunt/uncle之类的称谓和关于课程之类的keywords,不多写了。

最后是Saturday Surprise,结果五大三粗的Black Pearl蹿蹦上来,弄了一段,好像是rap另外唱起来也听不太清,唉,就这吧不多说了。
明天是周日,没有课程,我可能会看些关于Pittsburgh Summit的新闻,到时找些相关词汇给大家列一下,都是在国内新闻中可以经常听到看到的,高层峰会呀什么的,其实也没啥,就是大佬们开个碰头会。

See you!

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